Home Law

First-time-buyers-should-hire-a-real-estate-lawyerYou may need to get permits to add on or use part of your home to run your business. For example, people who run daycares from their home are not only subject to inspection, but may not be able to open without physically changing the inside or outside of their homes. Permits may be needed to accomplish the tasks need to get the business license that will legally allow you to run this kind of a home based business from your home.

For some home based businesses, there may be special insurance required by your town, city, county and/or state. Depending on where you live, what your at home business is and what kind of insurance it is you need, prices for insurance could vary in price from very cheap to super pricey. For this reason it is good to know the work at home laws in your area before you put money out to start it up. With some insurance it may be necessary to have an inspector come out, just as with permits and license. Again it depends on what your business is and where you live.

For people who are just working out of their home for someone else there are another set of laws to look for as well. It is very important to understand how you should and could be getting paid and what the working hour laws are – in other words what kind of work and hours can your boss ask you to do and what kind of contract to enter into so there are no misunderstandings later regarding pay, recording hours and submitting work.

home-bannerFor everyone, however, there is a very important set of laws that are a MUST before even making a decision of whether or not to work from home and/or create a home business. Tax information! It is something every home business owner dreads. Taxes for work at home and home business owners can be complicated and may require hiring an accountant which can be pricey. Taxes can add on to the total cost of making money from home with your business. Make sure you go through your town, city, county and state and get information on their tax laws for at home businesses and work you do at home. But, the most important site to check out is the IRS website: www.irs.gov You can also hit your local IRS building or library for more information. At either location, you need to research what forms you’ll be filing out for the tax year. Finding these forms will reveal what paperwork you need to keep on file so you can fill out those forms correctly. Both sites offer phone numbers to call the IRS with any questions you may have regarding taxes and your home business. Even for those who work at home, depending on how you get paid, there may be a different way to file your tax information.